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Performance Date



National Tour

Cast Includes;

Jeffrey Holland as Rene Artois

Vicki Michelle as Yvette Carte-Blanche

Peter Alexander as Colonel Von Strohm

Claire Andreadis as Mimi la Bonque

Judy Buxton as Michelle Dubois

Martin Carroll as Captain Alberto Bertorelli

Carol Ann Crawford as Edith Melba Artois

Marc Geoffrey as Flying Officer Fairfax

Allix Holland as Glying Officer Carstairs

Matt Jamie as General Von Schmelling & Officer Crabtree

Nell Jerram as Helga Geerhardt

Richard Mark as The Piano Player

James Rossman as Herr Otto Flick

Robin Sebastian as Lieutenant Hubert Gruber

Richard Tate as Monsieur Leclerc

Bronya Deutsch as Peasant

Directed By

James Robert Carson

Produced by 

Calibre Productions

Allo Allo

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